By Ahmad Muto

Singer Irene Ntale has been asked to shut up on social media after she shared a photo of Sheilah Gashumba speaking on a microphone while her boyfriend God’s Plan looked at her. She captioned the photo: “If my Man does not look at me like this while I’m talking… I don’t want him.”

Her followers wasted no second telling her to show them her man instead of praising other people’s or just shut up.

@elarryelo said: “Wait a minute…where is your man?”

@tpady41 replied: “That’s why you are a virgin forever.” She said nothing to them, but when a one @Kihika replied: “We want to see him, she replied, “Haha…not yet.

Irene Ntale has never gone public with any man and her relationships, if any have stayed private. However, rumours have swirled in the past that she has/had a Nigerian oga, Singer Ray Signature, Allan Tonix among others.


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