Nwagi embarks on cutting weight

Winnie Nwagi is wanted for assault

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Winnie Nwagi who has illustrated throughout her career and songs that she is comfortable and having a blast the way she is has embarked on chopping some of that weight. She shared a photo over the weekend on Twitter, donning a pair of trainers and athletics gear by the road side.

She tweeted: “With Patience, it is possible to dig a well with a spoon.”

 She followed the post comment by comment as some endorsed the tweet and cheered her on while others disparaged it.  

@KabogozaBethel: “To dig a well with a spoon, It shows patience as u said but until when is the well to be finished? Considering the land in ma country It might take u a 1000yrs.”

@Andrewcatsamba: “Fine, let us say it is to take 120 yrs…u are 30yrs….with life expectancy of Uganda …it shows that ur spirit might finish the digging.”

However, she kept coming in between comments to tell some of her followers to learn to interpret proverbs because that is one.


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