Buganda disapproves exhumation of Kafeero’s body


By Hussein Kiganda

A few weeks ago, some of the late Paul Kafeero’s children told the media that they were planning to exhume the body of their deceased father claiming that they wanted to have a DNA test to know who belongs to the deceased and who did not. According one of the son’s to the deceased, Martin, who appeared on a city TV, there was an earlier DNA test made from a number of 15 children, only four were confirmed to be Paul Kafeero’s children, which sparked the need to exhume the deceased’s body for a further confirmation.

But Buganda kingdom does not approve. Appearing on the Kingdom’s TV, the prime minister of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga confirmed that the Kingdom will not accept the exhumation to take place since this is not a custom in the Buganda tradition.

“In Buganda, we respect the dead and do not interfere in their peace. The buried are exhumed only when they were buried in a wrong place like which does not belong to them or in another clan, but not other petty reasons like these. If they want to use DNA, let them have it all at once, the results which are almost the same should be the ones used to compare the other so as to get the real one, but not to exhume…,” he said.

The katikiro also blasted the late Paul’s children that they should wake up and make their own wealth instead of fighting for the dead man’s  property as though they were not old enough to make own money.

“And actually, they should stop fighting for the property, they are old enough to work. They should go and make their own things. How dare these youth in the “Mutebi era” fight for property that is way too old?…,” he cautioned.
The exhumation of Kafeero’s body has caused a lot of mixed reactions, some saying that the children have a right to exhume the body and know their origin and others calling it an economic run that is aimed at fighting for the deceased’s property to see how they partition it amongst themselves. A few days a go, Mesach Semakula and some other artists opposed the exhumation saying that it belittles the legend’s respect and honour.

It is now 13 years since the fallen legend fell at the knees of his everyday sang enemy, death, whom he calls, walumbe in his song, Walumbe zaaya which tells a story of how every mankind shall bow down to it though in great pain.


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