Butcherman’s online show swallowed by Bobi’s


By Hussein Kiganda

While Bobi Wine’s Freedom show was hyped by strong people power supporters all over social media, a very few, perhaps a drop from an ocean, knew about Butcherman’s online show. The ghetto envoy received an extremely poor attendance to the extent that it is alleged that only him and his wife gave the show attention. Perhaps even the insects in the nearby neighborhood must have run for their lives at the start of his show since his, ratata tata…., opening clauses of his slogan is such threatening.

Many came to know about Butcherman’s show when he appeared on a city TV and mentioned that he had a show though he was not serious about it. The Temumatira hit maker hinted that he also never knew that even Bobi Wine had a show on that same day since he is not always online, at which many had to laugh out loud . The Abiri kunyama, asatu mubbanga slogan creator said that he was going to make a serious online show which would make mountains move.

“No! It had not been my intention to hold that online show. Actually, some of my friends found me at home and told me to serve my fans with something and I tried it out from here. I even never knew that Bobi Wine also had an online show somewhere because I am always busy delivering service to my people in the ghetto so I do not always have time for social media. I am now going to arrange the actual and serious online show…,” he said.

Worth noting is that the former ghetto president now member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine had a great performance at Busabala beach where he staged his freedom concert. The scenery, the water waves, the voices of the band and the twisting of the drums and guitar from the likes of Aziz Azion and others won the show an amazing attendance of about 210k.


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