Caller pours love to Lucky Mbabazi on air, gets blasted


By Derrick Asaba

Lately, as radio in particular and the media in general turned from just being an information saucepan to a business, a lot of stuff took twist too, along the way. This includes the kind of personnel it employs to deliver its content and so much more.

For Capital FM’s Rahmah Mbabazi Kanyomozi alias Lucky Mbabazi, she is one humorous, outgoing and nicely built lady which the latter she has not sat on, but continuously fed her photos to social media fanatics, a thing that has not only earned her a huge fan base but also disappointments here and there.

Writing about disappointments, Lucky was on Monday’s morning show as someone only identified as Francis, sexually abused her. Blame it on her radio voice like critics have time and again bashed her on, but not a curvaceous figure she cuts which must have been a spark to Francis’s unsuccessful moves.

Francis, on a phone call, talked to Lucky romantically that he was feeling a lot of pain allover his body, thus Lucky could come and help massage him.

This angered Lucky so much to what message she replied that, “Francis, stop doing this on a national radio because I am a happily married woman. Do I look like a pic to you? I looked at your picture and you do not look anything like my husband. You are a child, get off!”

It is as if Francis came up with a speech script in that almost every morning of the daily shows, calls in, sends out his greetings and thereafter turns face to Lucky as he pours his heart to her with romantic messages.

As Lucky got bitter and bitter while she laughed at Francis, her counterpart on the show, Gaetano Kaggwa did nothing else but laugh.


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