Chance Nalubega laments covid 19 losses

Chance Nalubega in action during her Album launch Tonkyaawa at Sabrina's Pub on Friday 1st Nov 2006 photo by Ronald Kabuubi

By Hussein Kiganda

Big Eye is not the only artist cursing the heavens for the arrival of the pandemic. Chance Nalubega is another whose woes are in the same line. The world does not seem to be friendly to her. Her pretty dimples on her two cheeks are the signs which show that she must have kept men’s trousers swinging up and down only to be downed by her face which spells something about hustle.

Appearing on a city TV, the Abateesi singer revealed that she had lost too much at the arrival of the virus. She explained that she had arranged four shows before the pandemic, which were supposed to be held in March and she had invested about sh70m which all flew into thin air when they cancelled all shows.

“I had spent about sh70m in advertising and many other things and all my hope was in those shows. Unfortunately, the pandemic came and they were cancelled and I lost all that money. If government says it will help, then it is a good move by it…,” she said.

She also added that the music industry has changed a lot over time and artists are no longer earning like they used to in the times when there were several people who used to buy their music. She said that at the moment, artists sing and the audience gets the song at a free cost. She, however, assured her fans that when the sweep of the pandemic takes its own fate, she is going to serve them with the same package she was meant to serve to them.

“These days music is not as earning as it used to be when you did an album and it could be bought by some one. Now, artists sing music and it is consumed at a free cost and we cannot get any money from it. Even the UPRS which would be paying us is not paying well because many of those who use our music do not pay for it. But to my fans, we shall start from where we stopped when the pandemic is done…,” she said.

Chance Nalubega is one of the artists whose songs were most popular at the wake of 2000s and in 2004, her and her band Gomiba which was home to the likes of Jennifer Full figure, Justine Namuddu, Swabra Lubega, Dan Bazaawe and many others. With her songs Guma omwoyo, Mwami kulikayo, Omukwano guluma, Ani amulabyeko and many more, she managed to win the hearts of many Ugandans. After the rise of the the big three Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine, the likes of Juliana, Irene Namubiru and many others found their way into the industry and her voice dwindled like a worn candle.


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