Is French ‘spoilin’ Iryn’s English?


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Irene Namubiru is by any standard touted as a fluent French speaker given her dating and travel history. The last few weeks have seen her throw her talent behind online concerts laced with lots of French in the posters and message.

Last week she hosted the FETE DE LA MUSIQUE online concert that went live on her Facebook page. Her tags among others had the French Embassy and Bonjour Kampala.

Yesterday she tweeted about confinement due to Covid-19 stating that it has led to domestic violence, an issue that should not be ignored. And she got music to that effect.

“Along with the Corona Virus pandemic came a topic we tend to take so lightly! DOMESTIC VIOLONCE. Now for all those that were badly affected by the confinement especially in matters of the heart, I got something for you this Week MUSIC THAT HEALS SOULS,” she tweeted.

However, some of her fans totally missed the point and instead focused on her English, particularly, “Violonce.”

@dotulu replied: “French is about to spoil your English.”


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