Ntale given a taste of her own medicine, gives up on trolls


By Ahmad Muto

Getting emotional and attempting to throw jabs at thousands of people with data and smartphones hiding behind keyboards should be added on the list of a thousand ways to die. That is the story of Irene Ntale.

When the singer was asked by her fans and followers to stop bleaching and also, get married last week, she took it upon herself to clap back.

However, the results were not as pretty as her talent or some of her songs. They took her to school with jabs she will take long to forget.

Yesterday, she acknowledged the feat and admitted she lost miserably. She tweeted: “Wabula you tweeps can insult. Anyway kambawe zi tune.”

It is as if she incensed her fans again.

@Josebyaru replied: “Someone said stop bleaching those ain’t my words from a friend. Am just a messenger.” She replied: “But you see I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

@Biarszian2: “Anti wabade wefude kilelesi nebakuwa level take some wora as @Tinafierce1 says.”

@DesireKetra: “Mpozzi nekilala va ku kizigo” to which she replied, “Kale nyabo wawe lekera awo okugula.”

@GreatLigo: “Who is breaking my girls energy over here?”


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