Swahili chokes Maurice Kirya


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Maurice Kirya just won’t let anything get between him and his money. Covid-19 has made the language of gigs and promoters so foreign that soon, artistes won’t even know how to negotiate payments for performances.

Swahili, a coastal language according to Kirya sent him to hell and back, but did not stop riding the tide because, well, he had to make some money. He had to use ice cubes after negotiating a deal because his jaws hurt so bad.

“I just spoke Swahili for 20 min, my jaws hurt and my heart is happy. You do not know how badly you want a deal until someone insists on speaking only Swahili. I tripped on my words, but it was worth it and so much fun. Nimefurahi sana#swahili,” he tweeted.

 Some of his fans also shared their experiences with the dialect.

@RajabKashilling replied: “Haha, bro I am taking Swahili lessons too but whenever someone ask me a thing in Swahili, I trip and my lips freeze.”

@Mary_Apolot: “Je Kirya, Swahili ni lugha ya heshima… Hongera.”

Kirya is just a fraction of the number of Ugandans that can barely speak the language that is supposed to be a regional dialect.


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