A Pass irked by “PhD” syndrome, asked to shut up

Ykee Benda and A pass will headline the lockdown show on Saturday

By Ahmad Muto

Singer A Pass has expressed his frustration with those in society that have taken to impeding other people’s progress. He argues that one loses nothing from letting others go up.

He tweeted: “The culture of Ugandans tearing down those who are rising should stop. You lose nothing when I go up, you do not go down, when I shine, you shine, we are a family. There is no need to pull me down behind the disguise of wanting to humble me when you are actually envious.”

However, not everyone caught his vibe. Some felt like he does not have the moral authority to speak about envy and pulling others down because he has done it multiple times to others.

@tusingwirevict1: Says someone following nobody on twitter don’t u think wen u follow me I share part of ur following I can use that as a platform to sell out my business ideas to many. Do good to others they will do good to u.

@Solomontaylor01: For once this guy is posting sense, A Pass is always into fellow artistes and jumping from one to the other…from Geosteady to Ykee Benda, trying to make fun of them, I have just realised that u at least have some sense from you.

@davidomollo619: Have you forgotten what you did to sleeping beauty?

“Jobarongo: Bro! You been raising up for the last 20 years , who TF is tearing you?

@iamlolasoft: Its a shame that people get too comfortable with tarnishing the rising stars. We get angry at racists and cuddle those that promote cyber bullying then we wonder why our artists do not reach far. IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO?.

@dantumusiime: Man, to Pass with an A, stay focused on your thing, keep moving, you will not stop air from having both oxgyen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc, etc.


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