Fameika adds voice to Jazmine’s against bullying


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Lydia Jazmine has called out media personality, Star TV presenter, Ibrahim Mukasa over constantly attacking her and dragging her name in the dirt. Jazmine claims he has smeared her name with abortion for social media likes.

She claims that her sick mother, family and friends have been affected by the constant trash talk.

She wrote: “I am hurt & disgusted by the way this Ibrah-guy has constantly attacks me & drags my name in the dirt, with abortion rumours, because of likes. My sick mother, family and friends have been deeply affected by his trash talk.😒 I don’t fight with people, but I don’t know his issue with me. I have always kept my silence, but I am human & I’m hurt by his false accusations & trash talk. I need a full apology for all heartless insults. #ucc needs to put a stop to such useless shows!” She shared a video to that effect as evidence.

Her rumoured boyfriend, rapper Fik Fameica has now added his voice to Jazmine’s saying that they have been silent for way too long.

This is too much, we have been silent about people like these! Enough is enough! I saw this Yesterday but I was busy shooting Ndibyange video. Ibrah and the likes that practice this kind of unprofessionalism it’s time to put a stop to this! You are not going away with this,” he wrote.

The last few weeks have been one of celebrities against media personalities with accusations of bullying flying left, right and centre.


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