Fans trash Kenzo’s song, ask for real “Mugole”


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Eddy Kenzo has for the last many years been touted as one of Kampala’s most eligible bachelors. His situation was further made worse when his baby mama, singer Rema Namakula left him for a doctor. From that point, speculation has been rife on who the BET Award winner is seeing and potentially getting married to. Singer Lydia Jazmine and his Big Talent label artiste, Pia Pounds have been rumoured among others to be the potential wives.

This week, the singer took to his social media to lament. He said he has read all the letters asking him for the bride.

Ebaluwa zamwe mbadde nziraba Nga mugamba nti mulinda mugole naye nga sisobola zidamu zona one by one, kati nasazewo nkolemu luyimba nga baluyita Tulinda mugole nze nayimbye nga fun wa eddy kenzo telling him seebo tulinda mugole Banange munsumbuye nyo bantu mwe nanonyeza kyembaddamu nekimbura nensalawo nkwate ebaluwa zamwe nzidemu in a song ate nkole ki because kyemwagala okuwurira ate mwe Ba Boss. Kati mbuza nkabawe oba nkaleke.”

The song, titled Mugole that he has since been shared online, has received mixed reactions with his fans insisting they want a bride, not a song.

Kansime Grace: We want real mugole the song later jawo olugezigezi.

Shenayah Naya: I knew it nowurira obusungu nga bujira okuta tusaba mugore otuwamu ruyimba ate tunakoraki rutuwe tweyagare.

Shakour Ali: Everything was fine until somebody married a certain doctor, then boom Corona, ate enzige, then Victoria waters Papa we are very anxious to be abako ba Drogba, Uve swung our flag High, swing it higher mukisenge too papa.

Erick M Niel: Nze mbadde mbuza, how do we call a person from Ivory Coast? Bakugamba kuwasa owoza kayimba, which is which?

Smoky Daniels: My instincts are telling me that, that song is no a hit already n t go help people to marry.


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