Fille begs for parenting advice


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Fille Mutoni has taken to social media to beg for parenting advice saying her five year old daughter with media personality MC Kats is so brilliant that it is now making her uncomfortable.

She wrote: “My daughter is way too much for me! Her reasoning and actions are not for a five year old! At first, it was interesting, I was happy I had a brilliant child, but now! It is too much. Abazadde mumpe kumagezi! Abigail ansuseko! Lol.”

However, not even a single parent came through to share parenting advice with her, but just social media users who missed the point and just took to commenting. While others asked her to get another child so Abigail can have someone to work with.

Kayondo David: “Sometimes it is not good for a kid to be highly intelligent, and when it happens to you try your level best to control him/her wisely and always remember to remind them what they are, never talk in public about her when she hears because she will undermine you.”

Shamillah Afuwa: “Kids of this generation are very smart and wise my own only two years, but her actions and ways is very different than her stage. Only God can help us all on our childrens.” (sic).

Angel Ise: “Yes I know this ain’t a joke… I was wondering too…. At least I have heard her talk and play with others.”

Princess Trichan Pretty: “Oyono sinakibote… brilliant kids are loved by many ….abeera so shape…. I love Abigail…. make her your best frd… she will also be open to you nga takukweka anythg…. so I would wish u love her…. teach her how to work so hard. All will move, but in all prayers first…. I love u…. she will b like me… nga in school she is loved and prefect like a leader… cos teyetya.”

Asaba Prossy: “Muzeko, she needs a sister or lito bro to play with.”


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