Sheebah frustrated by hackers

Sheebah has a Covid-19 song out (Photo: Instagram)

By Ahmad Muto

Sheebah Karungi is the latest victim to fall to hackers after they took control of her Twitter account and started asking for money from close family and friends. This comes after the account was hacked into some time back.

The MTV Africa Music awards nominee, has now taken to alerting her fans and followers to beware and not fall into the money soliciting trap the hackers have set. She took to Instagram to tell her followers to totally ignore messages coming from her Twitter account asking for money.

“Please Be Careful My Dears, As I Posted Some Weeks Ago, Some 1 Hacked Into My Twitter Account (@Ksheebah1) And He Is Using It To Con People Into Giving Him Money. Please Don’t Respond & If You Can, Help Me Report It. Am So Fade Up Of These Lazy Humans Expecting To Live Off Other People’s Hustle. Stop Making Me Look Stupid Dude, I Cant Be Inboxing People Asking For Money. THATS NOT ME”

Sheebah, has now joined the likes of Comedienne Anne Kansiime and Jose Chameleone who have been victims in the past.


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