GNL and Gravity are seeking media attention


By Hussein Kiganda

The ongoing verbal battle between GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju has been making rounds on social media since GNL Zamba announced that he had intentions of releasing music from Uganda once again. With Gravity ruling the lugaflow game at the moment, many are speculating that Zamba’s return may send the Malangajja singer back home since Zamba is perceived by many as the father of hip hop music in the country.

With each team trying to claim their might, several rappers seem not to be bothered. A few like Navio told a local TV that the two are not even on his top four list of rappers and therefore should just seek help from him. This has been running on many platforms creating the debate on who is bigger than the other. 
Rapper Kian Banks seems to be disgusted by the battle between the two giants calling it a childish fight that is meant to seek attention from the media. Kian Banks said that GNL’s response to Gravity makes him lose his respect in the industry and therefore they should  focus on releasing music instead of battling one another in the media.

“They are just seeking media attention mpozzi nokweswaza. According to me Gravity is good at promotion and it could be better if he turns into a music promoter. To me he is a topical dikula. He has inspired more dikulas than real talent. GNL is far better than such childish battles. So he is almost losing respect. For the case of Gravity being black, that is nature GNL should respect it. So they should instead do more educating music than becoming rubbish to the industry. Let us build the industry, let us respect nature. That is why I am working on my Mulindwa Nature rules album so as to show them what real hip hop that elevates the society means…,” the rapper said.

Hip hop seems to be fueled by battles. We remember the who is who battle from Feffe Busi to other rappers. It elevated the likes of Rachel Rey and Jim Nola Mc. At that time, hip hop seemed to rule the industry. These hip hop battles in Uganda are not the first in the world, the worst battle was that between Notorious BIG and 2Pac. The two ended up losing their lives.


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