Kenzo still sulking over repatriation


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Eddy Kenzo has clapped back at those trying hard to water down his hustle. The BET award winner who is still stuck in Ivory Coast despite news of some people returning took to social media to share a long post, ranting.

The emotional post was characterised by his sense of self-worth, reminding everyone who cares about how the government of Equatorial Guinea sent a private jet to pick him up to go perform at the Africa Cup of Nations. Therefore, it is no longer news because he is loved in Ivory Coast.

He also compared his current predicament to legends like Tupac, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson saying their generation also fought them a lot.

He wrote: “I think you all remember well that Equatorial Guinea government sent me a private jet to go and perform on Africa cup of nations. Equatorial Guinea was the organiser. So you my people who say a lot that the Government has shown me that I have no meaning. Yes I agree, in Uganda I do not have any meaning and I also know, but there are some countries that know my importance and are proud of me as an African youth. I thank the Lord God who gave me a talent that has no problem. So I have been recognised before and I will always be recognised by those who believe that I have done something good for Uganda. Be very happy. You should know that your children and grandchildren will make it easier because they know that Eddy Kenzo did it before so it is achievable because someone from them did not think it was impossible until I did it. I also know it is possible. And I pray that the Lord will make them easy for our children and that coming generation will appreciate me. I know that even 2Pac, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson are making more sense today, but their generation fought them a lot. You can google about that history, I will not lie. You my people who are celebrating that Kenzo, Uganda has shown him hmmm. Congratulations win is yours, but that does not remove the fact that I have done a good job for you and the ministry of tourism. Kambere Cote d’Ivoire kasita banjagala and they are very happy to have me here. Private jets zatukima dda bambi ago simawurire.”

Prince Ronald Mugabe wrote: You will forever be celebrated, Eddy. Keep your ears closed to all haters. Only God alone knows what He has got in store for you and no man can stop Him.

Medicco Kays Ug: Gwe wetaaga kati kibooko bulijo tugamba nga bwe wakulira ku street hmmm mpozi nga obadde otulimba omwana eyakulira ku street taba na kyegyo nga Eddy kyolina kati olwo omwana Ali mu kiyuumba nga tewali amumanyi okujako bazzadde be boka hmm Eddy sooka wewumuzeeko mwe muli mukintu daddy wo M7 alina kyakubalira just be patient.

Namukisa Jamira: Mbambi kasebo nze wat I see you rather stay there in peace till the lock down done, coz even your fellow artists are staving they have nothing to do here. For you in ivory you can even work while you waiting things to be done please Kenzo think twice nothing good in Uganda right now even though they say home is best, but just be patient.

Paul Luap: I feel sorry for you Kenzo for not coming back home naye sagala ogambe mbu gwe atade tourism wagulu noo sebo OK genda ojeyo award sebo jewatekayo we love u and we have loved u naye sagala muntu ayagala kusukuluma nyo mbu akoze buli kimu ebyo bibyo nga Kenzo not Uganda.


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