Zari questions Bobi Wine’s credentials, bashed without mercy


By Ahmad Muto

South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has bashed presidential hopeful Bobi Wine and his supporters in a live video that has since irritated a number of People Power supporters.

The socialite noted that to be president, one needs credentials and she is not sure about Bobi Wine’s. She wondered why they are so emotional that they want change just for the sake of it not minding about the effects.

She says whoever comes online wants to either bash the current government or join the People Power bandwagon. Also, she called them out for not wanting to listen to other people’s opinions. Accusing them of intimidation, abuse and harassment.

“We do not disagree with your opinion, but why do you have a problem when we share ours? We are entitled to our opinions like you are entitled to yours. Do not intimidate me. I believe in what I support,” she ranted.

People Power supporters had a lot to say.

Flora: Zari ebya politics byesonyiiwe byasukka kuntegera’yo jst stick on wat u kno best, stay in uo lane ov getting married evrywhr.

Abdu Zaake: Yes Bobi has everything it takes to lead our country BB is capable n he is our next president PP OP.

Stella Jema: She should behave herself. Though u are rich u dont need to show off to the poor. This shows that u are nrm supporter.


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