Navio brands Omutujju king of free tickets


By Ahmad Muto

Rapper Navio has now joined the hip hop battle for supremacy that for a bigger part of last week saw luga-flow rappers, GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju throwing swords at each other on social media.

According to Navio’s opinion, Omutujju still has a long way to go because his contribution to the genre is very minimal. He continued that the Omutujju is as fake as its gets with the “successful concerts” achievement he keeps throwing around because he distributes free tickets to his fans just to disguise that his gigs are well attended and so he commands a sizable audience.

Navio put GNL way above Omutujju. And also remarked that he is the king of hip hop while Omutujju is the king of free tickets.

The last time there was a near encounter between the two rappers, the latter provoked a disagreement, but Navio jumped it saying it was not worth it.


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