DJ Crim recovering, hip bone metals removed


By Ahmad Muto

On first January 2020, DJ Crim got involved in a nasty accident that did two things to him: one, his car, it left his red Mercedes Benz in tatters and two, his hip bone broken.

He was rushed to hospital where he spent days before being discharged, and has been using a pair of walking sticks since. Has only played a few times on his show, Double Trouble, here on Urban television.

In an interview with The Kampala Sun about a month back, he noted that he is worried about being off for this long because the industry easily forgets people.

“Of course I am worried because in the Ugandan music industry, the moment you step out, they forget about you. But now for me, I want to be forgotten in a way that I let the old DJ Crim fade off and I come out as a new Crim. I have something I have been planning for over five years now. You see when you DJ, sing your songs and emcee, you get paid three folds. Imagine booking me for all that. So, my point is, apart from deejaying, what else can you add to your career?” he said.

On Wednesday, he shared a message indicating that he is recuperating and the metals that had been inserted to support his broken hip bone have been removed.  

He also thanked all that prayed and supported him.

He tweeted: “It is now six months since I survived that terrible accident that almost took my life. Today, I am back in hospital, so that they remove the metals they inserted to support my cracked hip bones to help me recover & rehabilitate. Thank you for all your prayers & support!


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