Don Mc lashes out at Gravity and GNL as their beef takes new twist


By Musa Ssemwanga

What started as a simple misunderstanding between the two rappers Gnl and Gravity has for the past weeks gotten into real beef.
The two have been at each other’s throat for a week now and it is getting serious and their fans are worried.
Latest news is Rugambwa Rutaisire Donald popularly known as Don Mc take on the trending beef between his fellow rappers.
The UK based rapper, singer, song writer and CEO of 2Bad Entertainment termed their beef as childish and amateur.
“They should take their beef on stage and stop shouting for us because they are now sounding like Mizigo women.
They have all played their part in the music industry so they should sit their ass*s down and concentrate on how to make the industry even better.”

Gravity trolled on social media over new song attacking Gnl and Navio…
Don Mc’s words come at a time when Gravity has just released a song titled Banyabo a dedication to Gnl and Navio.

However, his followers on social media trolled and bashed him on posting the artwork for his new song that had a goat with pictures of the two rappers on it.
He followed the artwork with a long caption that read:
Hello madam broiler if u had four legs u would be a frezian (hahahahahahah .. oli ku kaana ka mbatta) self made?
The tears u cried in Rwanda… banange if Twanda was Vegas I would not say this but… Rwanda ain’t Vegas (sh30,000) dollars. u could not even win a fellow wanna be (Atlas) many disappoints in yo career. R. kelly made u sing coz u cant wrap yo self…. I win cos am ORIGINAL n young.


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