Ntale berated by her fans


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Irene Ntale has taken to embarrassing herself on social media lately in the name of staying relevant. On Friday morning, she took to her Twitter page asking her followers to name their best female artiste in Uganda. However, not all of them saw the question in that light but rather, Ntale trying to gauge her level of popularity. They said no, she is not their best female artiste regardless of the fact that they follow her on social media. Her followers kept mentioning every other female artiste except her, the author of the tweet.  

She tweeted: “Name your best female artist in Uganda and their song that justifies it…”

In the comments read:

@TheHunk20: “Now u want us to say u but woooo oswade.”

Mbayomu: Kati u want to c your haters

@allannsimbe: @JKanyomozi maama mbiire featuring @HEBobiwine.

Kyago: Juliana Kanyomozi all her single songs preach message.

Solution music: Sheeba with John Rambo n Nakyuka @Ksheebah1.

Eddy Marcos: Juliana Kanyomozi Nabikowa.

Last week, fashion enterprenuer, Abryanz tweeted that singer Iryn Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi are the best female artistes of all time.


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