Audio Producers Association Uganda summons the Mayanja brothers


By Musa Ssemwanga

The Audio Producers Association Uganda (APAU) has given singers Jose Chameleone and Weasel Manizo three (3) days to appear before its committee before things get worse for them.
This ultimatum follows after the two brothers showed a high level of indiscipline in the Ugandan Music Industry.  In addition, these two were seen beating up music producers Baur and Godie to the pulp.
Therefore, this left many wondering how even the aspiring Lord mayor for Kampala in 2021/2026 will handle his office, this is not the first time these are found in scandals of harassing and intimidating the young talent.
Through a letter issued by the Audio Producers Association Uganda (APAU) , the two brothers must appear before the committee. In addition, to answer questions over the allegations of beating up innocent and well-talented producers.
“Official Statement following the recent mistreatment of producer Godie by Mr. Weasel of Good life and Producer Diggy Baur who was attacked by Dr. Jose Chameleone. It has come to our notice that there is a rampant rise in the mistreatment of audio producers by singers in this country. Many of us have been attacked, lives threatened, property destroyed, and some lives have been lost.
A few weeks ago Mr. Godie was attacked by the one Weasel of Good life. It was evidenced that our brother’s studio was destroyed and the essential equipment was taken. And now the most recent one is between producer Diggy Baur of Sabula records.
In addition, they brutally attacked him and his employees beaten and injured by Mr. Jose Chameleone.
Uganda’s audio producers for years have been a great pillar in establishing, supporting and sustaining Mr. Jose Chameleone and Weasel’s talent on the top. We would love to see this continue.
However, under the Audio Producers Association Uganda (APAU) body, we believe that an injury to one is an injury to all of us. Therefore we would not wish to go the extra mile of boycotting these wonderful talents in all Ugandan studios.
We, therefore, call upon Mr. Jose Chameleone and Mr. Weasel to contact Audio Producers Association Uganda (APAU) management through the contacts above for an arbitration meeting before July 12, 2020.
We urge the Good Life Management, the Mayanja family, Uganda Musician Association (UMA), TVs and Radio Stations, Uganda National Cultural Forum(UNCF) and all other sectors in the Entertainment industry, kindly carry the message on to our artists,” APAU wrote.


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