My YouTube plaque annoyed critics – Chameleone


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Jose Chameleone has blamed social media for his current woes. According to him, Ugandans have taken to misusing the different platforms – churning out insults, misinforming people and trolling public figures.

The last few days, Chameleone was reported to have thumped music producer Diggy Baur, summoned by the anti-corruption court over the legal status of his Toyota Land cruiser and then, picking People Power nomination forms yet he is in charge of mobilisation in the Democratic Party (DP).

According to him, unlike in developed countries, people here have misused social media to a point that local artistes have failed to embrace its importance. However, now with the lockdown in place, he has seen them panicking, trying to set themselves up. He also noted that it has many people that seek to downplay other people’s achievements like when he received his YouTube plaque; some said he should not feel important because there are people with over one million subscribers on the video sharing platform.

“We have used social media for purposes that are not going to benefit us. When we started music, there was no social media. It was built so we can be in the same community but we are not using it productively. There are people that understand and those that do not at all. Because of social media, you all knew Diamond before coming here, but I was first a celebrity in Kenya before I was anything in Uganda. I am asking people to desist from commenting on personal issues. I used to tell artistes to start using social media productively; they failed now they are in lock down and do not know how to use it to make money. They are panicking. The other day I got a YouTube plaque and some people downplayed it saying there are those with over 1M subscribers,” he said.


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