Weasel thumps baby mama for the 10th time


By Musa Ssemwanga
Just a few days after he fought and savaged producer Daggy in studio, Weasel is back at it as he thumps and insults his baby mama, Talia Kassim.
Despite cohabiting for a period of six years, the couple has been embroiled in a series of fights.
A video of the situation circulating online shows an all drunk and shirtless Weasel forcing Talia, the mother of his children to leave his home “The Neverland Ranch” in Makindye.
The two reportedly got a simple relationship issue, but Weasel who was not sober at the time of this argument started getting physical forcing her to flee with their two children.
When contacted, Weasel confirmed that there was indeed an altercation, but the public got it all wrong. 
“There was some action and commotion in the morning, but it was not what many assume.  We were shooting scenes for a video of my upcoming song,” he reasoned.
‘’Weasel has no respect for that woman. Imagine on his recent birthday he left home and went out for dinner with his new catch, Sandra Teta.
“As if that was not enough, he came back home with her and they both slept in the living room under the same roof with Talia,” our trusted source in Makindye said.
Talia and Weasel have been together for at least five years. The couple has two kids together, a one-year-old boy who was named after his late brother AK47 whose real name was Emmanuel Mayanja and a three-year-old Thia Mayanja Nabukeera.
“You deserve a lot better!” Chameleone’s wife Daniella tells Weasel’s wife
This same year around March, it was said that the couple was again involved in another fight which took the attention of the locals and village chairperson.
Shockingly, among the many people that condemned Weasel’s bad behavior towards the mother of his kids was Daniela, Chameleone’s wife.
She made a very emotional post directed to comfort Weasel’s baby mama Talia Kassim who she claimed  is in an abusive relationship with the singer.  
In her post, Daniella described Talia as a very good woman who deserves a lot better than what she is settling for with Weasel. She advised Talia to leave the abusive relationship.
“I pray for you and I shall post you here to help you get the courage to get out of that abusive relationship,” said Daniella in a post.


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