Mckenzie cautions entertainers against politics


By Ahmad Muto

Former media personality and city event’s organiser, Brian Mckenzie has expressed worry over artistes planning on dumping their music careers for politics because Bobi Wine illustrated that it is possible.

He explained that not all of them are that smart and informed for the job yet now the public have figured things out and can see through all the lies being sold.

“The people that are joining politics, it is going to be really hard for you if you are not good for the job. Now more than ever, they are going to pay more attention to your jazz than your words. That is because we can see through the crap,” he said adding that even with the many entertainment shows on television lately, people can still tell the legit shows from the fake ones.

“There are a lot of TV shows and many people doing entertainment, but it is easy to see through everything. Artistes should not get into politics because there is some fire, it will burn them. They will not come back easily,” he added.

Mckenzie also noted that there are so many Ugandan musicians that are entangled and it is not easy because there are many musicians out there with DMs from girls and it confuses them.  

“I used to be in that bracket. And it is very hard to resist a girl who looks good on her profile picture saying hi and next time asking for a ticket. And that is just like one out of 15 DMs on a daily. And some are as young as 20 years and below, very excited. They get to you and if you are not strong it gets to you,” he explained.


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