Kenzo comments on why he prefers foreign vixens


By Musa Ssemwanga

On a Tuesday morning, the Big Talent boss and Sitya Loss singer posted on his facebook timeline reasons why he features mostly foreign vixens in most of his music videos.

“I would like to tell you my people the ladies you see in videos this side are as responsible as well you, some are very rich, some are married, some have big jobs, others are proud mothers and others are from big families, but they never judge or look down on being a vixen, They care so much about the positive,” read part of his long post.

“So my people I think you should stop misunderstanding this video vixen idea, it is not a bad thing as you have always been told. It is all about delivering a message and also depends on how you gonna appearing the video what you are going to do etc.

Okubeela video vixen oba tofuuse muyaaye,” he posted.

However, his fans and other internet users this post rubbed them the wrong way:

Hafswa Mikal

I have never seen a pretty girl in a video you make outside Uganda 😂😂😂whoever said that does not know what beauty is. All videos here in Uganda have got very pretty girls trust me I am your fan, do not be lied to.

Mwangi VirginHeart

Kati wano omulunji yaliwa in pics 🙄🙄 being brown does not mean u r beautiful!! Bano bonna Rema abagatta mulengo.. Ate I will not mention Iryn Namubiru kuba ye a singa from East West Central n some parts of South Africa 😂😂☺️☺️☺️ Kati fa ne binzaali byo byolowoza mbu bilunji.

Nakabuye Nadia Mimi

If they refuse pliz leave them alone use those of that side leakuba nabo silaba bulungi bwabwe ne Rema abasinga.

Paul Ssimoh

But are those ladies in caption what you call beauty? Edrisa get serious! Colour ne powder byakulimbye. Can you mention those ladies in the same statement with those that featured in Tweyagale video?

Mustafa Mulangila Junior

Tugenda kudira katumalilize okulaba Kyagulanyi.


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