Boda men to get slay queens’ numbers for free


By Julius Senyimba

For years, Boda Boda riders have been suffering in silence with only a few boldly asking female passengers for a date.

The pain has been for real as one rides while a female passenger is leaning and holding onto him firmly on a bumpy road and after reaching the destination, all they get is a smile and a thank you.

Some man-up and ask for digits though, in most cases, they settle for insults not 07NAMUTEBI.

But now, with President Museveni’s directive of passengers sharing their details with Boda Boda men before the ride starts, they will be in possession of slay queen’s contacts for free of charge.

In short, they will be in the know of where Slay Queens stay plus having their phone numbers. So, why not a customer care goodnight or morning text and try your luck.

Social media took on the discussion from the state address.

A one Gloria had a light look at it. “Just wait when you will be abruptly added to a WhatsApp group named “my beloved boda boda customers.”

Bi who gave u my number is stopping today. Because u have to register with the boda boda men, salon men and Arcade men,” Faith Kwizera.


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