Big Eye blames Bobi Wine for their woes


By Ahmad Muto

According to singer Big Eye, Bobi Wine is the cause of all their current problems that have threatened the entire entertainment industry’s existence. He says the storm he has mobilised is going to sweep everyone regardless of their political affiliation. He claims that now even the media is being bankrolled to bash and expose them.

He wrote: “No musician is safe ever since Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine stood against Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Even us who support the NRM we are not safe. A lot of unlawful things and unfair things are going to be done to dis organise this music industry, separate it and put it down. Fellow musicians open your eyes widely. We have even started seeing some media houses/Entertainment programs being paid to expose musicians with an aim of spoiling musicians image. If am not mistaken we might even be the reason why this country is still in lockdown so that we don’t do any shows to earn. Maybe we better stand with Hon Robert Kyagulanyi who will understand our pain.”

Big Eye who was a staunch NRM supporter but fell out with the party after he demanded sh270M and no one responded to him even after getting lawyers to author a letter of intention to sue. He is as disgruntled and broke as it gets.


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