Chameleone, Baur make up


By Ahmad Muto

Well, it turns out singer Jose Chameleone and his longtime producer, Diggy Baur’s feud is now history. The two fell out weeks ago after Chameleone allegedly stormed Baur’s Sabula Records studio and in a feat of rage, left it looking like an earthquake struck. Baur claimed in a video that the singer beat him and his young brother up, harassed and chased all the people he found at the studio and vandalised equipment.

Baur threatened to retaliate should he step anywhere around Luwafu, Makindye. Baur had also questioned his political ambitions telling people that there is no way they can let a man with a terrible character become Kampala mayor.

However, given the photos making rounds on social media, the two seem to have decided not to let a brief moment of rage end their long professional relationship. They visibly look happy with each other in a series of photos that also have Chameleone’s protégé, Melody.

After the incident, Chameleone took to social media in the backdrop of criticism and said his detractors were the ones blowing everything out of proportion so they can among other things blow up his mayoral ambitions. 


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