Copyright is priority – Bobi answers Big Tril


By Ahmad Muto

Over a week ago, rapper Big Tril tied his vote for singer and politician Bobi Wine to copyright. He said he would be disappointed if the singer failed to include copyright in his manifesto.

Now the singer seems to have heard Tril’s cry and decided to consider it. He has argued that way back while pushing for the same with Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool, they dismissed a number of things they did not agree with and one of them was the copyright act.

He has noted that the enforcement of the copyright law is on top of his mind and he seeks to amplify it in his presidential bid. He says he plans to invest heavily on it.

This comes at the height of a contentious issue between entertainers and new regulations set by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to control the entertainment industry.

Last week, singer Big Eye accused Bobi Wine of being the reason artistes now have to jump hoops given all the screws being tightened around the entertainment industry.


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