Kenzo states bride requirements


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Eddy Kenzo returned a few days ago from Ivory Coast, but was only welcomed for about two and half seconds before his tormentors started bothering him, again. They want a mugole (Bride). As if to illustrate the level of his frustration, he even recorded a song titled Mugole that was largely dismissed by his critics who have instead said they want a real woman for him, not a song – he has many of those.

Now he has reacted to their demands pointing out the quality of a woman he would like to marry.

On his social media, he wrote: “The bride should not have grown up so much in Uganda. She should not know any local languages well. The reason is that even if you are backbiting, she should not know. You people do that a lot.”

This put a smile on some of his fans’ faces given the comments they left on the post. Some ladies did not waste time shooting their shots.

Birungi Irumba wrote: I am willing to forget all the local languages here.

Urim Ethan: Wendi wano. I do not understand all Ugandan languages…. Ssebo.

Abaho Steve: It is ok paapa gwe leta muntu wo oba we Uganda oba ava bweru its ok as long as gwoyagara tujja kumwagara nebwaba yakyama ebigere.

We love u our own Musuuza the only international artist we gat here.

Atinampora: Signs and symptoms of Mugole coming from Ivory Coast oba am I the one confused Papa correct me.

When Kenzo was with singer Rema, they always asked about why he was not marrying her. Since losing her to Hamza Sebunya, he has never rested.


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