Pallaso disappears with handcuffs, manhunt launched


By Ahmad Muto

Police have launched a manhunt for singer Pallaso after he resisted arrest and disappeared with their handcuffs.

Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said police raided Pallaso’s home at around 12:46am when they got reports that a group of revellers had gathered at the singer’s home.

He added that when the police raided the singer’s home, after a tip off from residents of Luwafu zone, they indeed found a group of over 30 people had gathered. That they became violent while being addressed which prompted them to arrest Pallaso.  

As of Thursday evening, the said detectives had launched a man hunt for the singer on charges of escaping from lawful custody, obstruction, inciting violence and being negligent.

Pallaso Wednesday accused the Uganda police of storming his house and attempting to arrest him under the pretext he was defying curfew.

He says they stormed when he was having dinner with his manager and some friends and used excessive force.

He vented on social media: “Uganda police, we are all Ugandans and we are all affected by this pandemic differently. Using excessive force and shooting bullets at unarmed fellow brothers and sisters is making me lose all hope. Enough is enough.”


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