Ghetto Kids earn YouTube plaque


By Ahmad Muto

We recently reported that the Triplets Ghetto kids had been endorsed by multi-award winning US singer Janet Jackson who shared their dance video to the song Black Lives Matter by Buddy on her Instagram page.

Today, they announced how video sharing site YouTube delivered their silver plaque for notching 100K subscribers on their YouTube channel.

They also took a jab at hackers who tried to frustrate their efforts by hacking their channel telling them they cannot hack their fans. Now they have appealed to their fans to subscribe and help them make 1M subscribers.

They took to Facebook and shared a video with the caption: “This is for you the fans we made it happen together with you and you been part of this journey reaching 100k Subscribers On @youtube. They hacked our channel but they cannot hack you the fans we still made it. As long we have you we can Reach 1M subscribers and more! Together we can make it.”

It is important to note that this milestone comes after having their YouTube account hacked about three times.


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