I do not know who Ella is – Mbonye


By Ahmad Muto

Controversial city pastor Elvis Mbonye is back in the news, this time telling everyone who cares to know that he has no idea who Stella Nantumbwe is.

This comes after about two years after rumours flew in directions that Mbonye was seeing the former beauty queen. The rumour started after Nantumbwe became a regular among worshippers that turned up for the pastors weekly prayers.

On Tuesday, Mbonye said he has never met anybody by those names at any level. But also got to learn about the alleged relationship from his driver and much later through social media and the press. He made it sound like perhaps someone was using his body somewhere else without his knowledge.

The Ella – Mbonye alleged relationship was so much a tabloid fodder that when she had a huge multi-million birthday over a year ago, it was widely alleged that Mbonye bankrolled it because there was no way Ella, with no known job could have damaged her wallet to that extent.

Incase you also do not know who Stella Nantumbwe is, she is a former Miss Uganda and Uganda’s representative in the Big Brother Africa reality show years ago.


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