Kanyomozi trolls Gen. Tumwine’s music


By Ahmad Muto

The Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) president has earned himself a sport as a troll on social media, especially, Twitter. This time he took to Twitter to share a song by security minister Gen. Elly Tumwine to give his opinion on it.

He tweeted: “I think the security minister’s music is secured with a strong security code, apart from him no one else can find their way into liking it.”

His opinion generated mixed reactions.

Joseph Mulinde: Kanyomozi thinks he speaks for everyone in Uganda. Maybe no one in people power. Some of us love the Minister’s music.

Kirya_Ug: Imagine these new rules sitting on such a talent.

Superior IK: Since musicians joined politics, so the people in big offices have also decided to join music.

Squirrel: But did he get to submit a script, pay intellectual property fees, register/copyright with URSB and secure a UCC license before producing and publishing that that that that that….?

Jeff Tunabiwulira: Laaba omuziki gwe! Kaale you are becoming a promoter mubyokusaga.


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