Recho Rey trashes women empowerment campaign


By Ahmad Muto

Recently we told how local female entertainers had taken to empowering each other on social media. Spice Diana particularly wrote: “Girls compete with each other, women empower one another” while Rema Namakula wrote: “Lighting another woman’s candle does not dim mine.”

All they do is tag fellow women on social media posts to accept the challenge and nominate others.

However, rapper Recho Rey seems not to buy the whole empowerment idea and has a totally different opinion. She accused them of pretending to empower each other yet they cannot even promote songs by fellow ladies.

She wrote: “You cannot even promote your fellow ladies Song or Business mbu Woman empowerment. Mutujjeeko akatijjo.”

The comments though;

Mercy Newton wrote: Your Still young But mature pipo fore go some things Who will count sense in you. Olaba newekiba kikaakyo bonna tebasobola kwagaliza Style up bby.

Maryame Rasheed: Yiyi is this post from the recho rey i knw if it it is then i guess am tho only one taking. It negatively, but it is nt appropriate, yes you could hv faced some injustices but this is nt the way to vent ur anger, i heard u say that u fall out with ur management, this a crucial tym fr u hun dnt mess it up.

Montez De Gold: Though I do not know Ugandan artist very well but this could be stecia because no one has ever talks to her now she’s feeling quilty.

Marsha Atoo: Just because your candle has not been lit by a fellow woman does not mean they do not light other’s. In short do not force people to like you or what you do let your achievements help you pull a chair on a table of successful women.


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