Artists petition Speaker over new act


By Julius Senyimba

Even a blind man can see how urgent it is for the Ugandan entertainment industry to unite and act immediately to repeal the newly imposed Stage Play and Public Entertainment Act.

Following days of wasting time on social media by majority of key stakeholders (read singers and comedians) finally, a petition has been stamped received by Parliament security today morning.

The document with a heading, ‘Request For Appointment To Present Petition Over New Regulations Affecting Culture And Creative Industries’ is in line to repeal the Act had Hannington Bugingo’s signature, the chairperson of a committee dubbed ‘#FreeTheArts #FreeMyTalent’.

Earlier on, the group had a fruitful meeting with Hon. Charles Bakkabulindi, Chairman of the workers’ MPs in Parliament of Uganda and finalised on the strategy of how to present the petition to repeal the rules and regulations on the Arts on the floor of Parliament.

Now, with the petition already inside the chambers, next is hoping for light at the end of the tunnel. 


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