Sheebah rallies for burnt child, as “Nakyuka” hits 1M views

Sheebah has a Covid-19 song out (Photo: Instagram)

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Sheebah Karungi is using her celebrity status to rally financial support for a child who got burnt so he can access medical care.

According to the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) nominee, the child from Butambala cannot afford the operation fees for the scars that have rendered him unable to easily raise his hands in the air.

She wrote: “This little soul was burnt in the house at two years. He lives with his grandmother In Butambala who cannot afford the operation. U can send help on 0706235986 Mawajuma Nampiima. Sheebaholics let us help the little soul.”

It should be noted that the singer is one of the few local artistes that have for some time used their status to empower those in society that are in need, from the girl child, to the boy child, voices against domestic violence and many more other acts of kindness.

In other news regarding Sheebah, her music video for the song Nakyuka has notched 1M views on YouTube and she could not hide her excitement.

She posted: “My lovers, you make me shiver!!!!!! Thank you. Sheebaholics. You did it. #NAKYUKA hit #1Millionviews last night on YouTube next On the menu #Ninda Linda Linda. You better be ready for this though #SAMALI the album coming soon.”

Her fans were equally elated by the news.

Johnson Heights: Still song of the year, keep going @Ksheebah1richer this year. Inspirational, lady with virtue, style and attitude. #NAKYUKA.

JoanitahJojo: My sheeeee. Lots of love from Kasangati dia. We love u a lot. Thanks for the holic pads.


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