Sheilah’s Facebook show binned


By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Sheilah Gashumba was trashed by her followers for trying to ask them to make a fuss of her social media show with boyfriend God’s Plan.

The show dubbed “God’s Plan and Gash Lounge” received a hostile reception from a bunch of her followers who felt it is either a premature concept or just the two people forcing themselves on people’s faces like acne.

She wrote: “Are you watching the Godz Plan And Gash Facebook Show?”

No, not really was the answer at least from the kind of comments that poured.

This was despite hyping her followers up for South Africa based Uganda socialite, Zari Hassan as their maiden guest.

Darker Skin replied: Not really. I have just fallen on a new Mia Khalifa clip. You will be shocked by how much internet can hide content

Unemployed graduate: Stupid did you buy us data?

Ian: Even if u wea us, u would not watch u.

Benjamin: Mutwesibyeko nyo namwe.

Mosh Deconte: 200 comments and 187 of them are abuses?! I rather get 10 nga they are motivating. Ekikulu nammwe muyitilira……… Tinah Fierce come see this.

Bars & Melody: Noo. We are moslems, we do not eat pork.

Sbrahim: Why am I seeing your tweets yet I do not follow you!


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