Abtex blasts Chris Evans


By Hussein Kiganda

When things do not go right for artists, it is normally fellow artists who come out to taint them with dirt for the mistakes. This time, a promoter called Abbey Musinguzi commonly known as Abtex shot at Chris Evans for the mistakes he did at the 27th coronation of the Kabaka a few days ago.

Chris Evans performed his collabo song with Serena Bata, Bikalubye, which is said not to be his according to Abtex. On the function, the singer sang all the parts, both his and that of Serena Bata. It ended up sounding like a karaoke thing that became so disgusting and many other artists criticised his performance.

Appearing on a TV in the city, Abtex said the song Chris performed was not his but for Serena and Abtex’s management and it was a mistake for him to perform it without their permission.

“That song is 100% ours, we paid for everything. He was just featuring in to help Serena move back into the industry. He would have called Serena to appear in front of the Kabaka with him. That would be the best thing for her and he would have saved himself from the embarrassment. I do know know if it was selfishness or something else. He knew the song was not his, but he went on and sang it. Some artists would be so far by now, but they end up stagnating because of their behaviors…,” Abtex said.

The song was like a wake-up song for Serena Bata who had spent some good time under Sipapa Entertainment which seemed to have kept her musical career at a standstill. Chris Evans is known for some good songs he sings with women like Rema. Chris Evans is known to be a good friend to the promoter. He has been working with Abtex for a while now.


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