Publicity Nateete dares Fresh Daddy to a battle


By Hussein Kiganda

We hear Big Trill’s Parte after parte was put in the English dictionary some time back. We are still waiting to see the British visit Uganda to also include another hyper English that is spoken by new comedian Publicity Nateete. With the attention he has gained from the media, he now feels that he can also pull out a song and make it as any other singer in Uganda. 

Appearing on a TV in the city, the “any time now” slogan maker dared Fresh Daddy to a music battle saying that even if he is not good in music, he also has his level and in the same level with him is Fresh Kid’s dad. In his confusing English, he promised to challenge Fresh Daddy if he accepted to have a battle with him.

“Yessss, I have got a song now, shlskdtha sjsksjdksnsnmm syhebee  because nebsbsyshsvs sbshshsh shdjdjdksb, I have my friend Fresh Daddy who I can challenge in music because anytime from now shladske skebslsddddld nsmskdbbsdss, meaning that he also does not have that much better songs because he also just speaks instead of singing. I know shdkslllssssfdn dualkdjnskdddksl meaning that I can challenge him. From childhood, I used to sing and I am sure I will win. I recorded my music with Geosteady… Shsjshskkkkslsalfbe djkslxsnnx …,” the comedian said in a mixture of Luganda and his unclear English.

Responding to the comedian, Fresh Daddy felt disrespected by the comedian. He told him to find his level because Publicity is not a singer, but rather a comedian whose skits do not even entertain but annoy.

“For that guy, I can not battle him. He is too low. If I go for a battle with him, I will have put myself on a very lower level that I am not on. I am going to be an MP in Luwero and therefore I am not so cheap  to battle such people. Even his comedy is not good. He has fake English and therefore I am a very higher level to him…” the Makyupa singer said.

The comedy and music industry seems to be a cocktail of everything. The educated and the uneducated, the learnt and unlearnt, the informed and misinformed and all other people in there. As long as one can pull out a skit that puts a smile on the face of masses and can voice out a song that deejays can play in a club, then they are good to go. So these two have the guts to talk in the Ugandan music industry?


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