Namubiru names and thanks helpers


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Iryn Namubiru has taken to social media to thank those that reached out and helped her during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to her, they helped her financially, morally and spiritually. On Twitter, she said they asked her not to mention their names, but did on Facebook.

She wrote: “Today I would like to publicly thank all those that have reached out and helped me in every way during this Corona Virus Pandemic be it financially, morally or spiritually. (They do not want their names mentioned) I want you to all know that I do appreciate you so much and want to say it loudly when you can still hear it because that is what I would want for myself than to read out loudly at funerals when I cannot hear. Sso si bino ebya Basiima Ogenze. Flavia, Wilber, Raphael, Alek, Twaha, and my fans, You have a special place in my heart. I love you.”

Raget Junior: But me I hve no problem even if u mentioned my name.

Sekandi Justin: Tebakulimba mbu oli beautiful my dear… Try look at ur self in the mirror without make-up and App filters…. That is when u will know ur true beauty…. Ladies learn to believe and live in the true you..

Tumwine Charles: Ssekandi j obusungu obujjewa? Just know all women ought to look naturally so beautiful oba how but as long as she looks gud.

Namubiru must have needed and received a lot of help since we can barely remember the last time she had a show before the pandemic. She has not appeared on many posters and therefore, her savings and Fresh Kid’s must be more similar than different. 


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