Parliament website exposes Bobi

Bobi Wine was very critical of Eric Sakwa and predicted his downfall

By Ahmad Muto

Looks like the days of questioning singer and politician Bobi Wine’s credentials are far from over. The doubts and questions keep popping up.

On Thursday, a one Duncan Abigaba took to combing through the Parliament website and guess what?! He discovered that all along Bobi had sold a different story about his academics, far from the truth.

It turns out the Kyadondo East legislator has a Diploma, not a degree in Music, Dance and Drama according to his data on the site.

Abigaba shared screenshots of the data on the site and tweeted: “Parliamentary Website reads a Diploma in Music, Dance and Drama and you are all abusing me. Do I work at Parliament? These are facts.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo repliedDuncan, am beginning to like this fight. You can even take POWs because there is surplus production on which to feed them.

That left some people extremely irritated like they were when socialite Zari questioned the man’s credentials.

Nyamurungi Duchess wrote: What are the qualities of a good leader and then you start to bury someone cos of their educational course they attended! How many people have PHDs & are empty as jerrican?

House boy: Unlike you who comes from a rich background, Mr Wine was offered law and failed to enroll because of lack of funds, but as a visionary person he never let that determine what he can be in future.

Development minister: Abigaba of recent you have become so obsessed with attacking Robert Kyagulanyi because he is a threat to your meal card that you got as a result of your sycophancy. Leadership is much more than Education level. Come on! You can do better than this Duncan.

However, some bashed Bobi;

Tumusiime: He must have had so many retakes because you cannot complete A level 1998 and university diploma 2003.

Banyenzaki: He said that he is More educated, exposed than H.E General Kaguta Yoweri Museveni. Now facts must be scrutinised as they are.


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