I did not snub Nwagi, it was a photoshoot – Navio

Winnie Nwagi is wanted for assault

By Ahmad Muto

A video emerged on social media showing Navio so visibly disgusted by singer Winnie Nwagi twerking in front of him that he just walked away. They have now responded to the incidents, but in two different ways.

Rapper Navio took to his facebook page to comment on the video showing him snubbing the singer’s act. He explained it happened during a casual photoshoot and saw nothing wrong with it, well, as much as he protected his groin from an imminent rupture of sorts.

He added that it looked like he snubbed it because he subconsciously stepped aside to check on the photos that had been taken.

He wrote: “Nolwekyo ensonga za ka video clip ezigenda maaso. I am here to clarify on that, it was a simple photoshoot, pausing for pics with a fellow artist would not be bad! And I was not avoiding her, I just stepped a bit to check on the photos the camera guy was taking!”

It is also important to note we landed on part two of the video that tells a slightly different story. It is as if Navio enjoyed it for a moment and encouraged Nwagi. But well, that part was edited out.

Meanwhile, Nwagi reacted in a whole different fashion, punishing those embarrassing her by blocking them and displaying the list on social media to prove her point.

She also dared those looking forward to getting blocked to disrespect her and see how fast her blaco button works.

“U too can still join the team if u want…, All u gotta do is disrespect me and all that bs #badenergystayfaraway STOP FOLLOWING PEOPLE U DON’T LIKE,” she wrote.


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