By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Zari at this point must have mastered the art of falling in bed with new lovers and out of friendship with her colleagues.

It has now emerged she has been bitterly dumped by her bosom friend, Kenyan singer Akothee and the two have consequently blocked each other on social media.

The two hang out together a lot and therefore had a bunch of pictures on social media that have also been deleted.

They shared the spotlight together in Nairobi as two of East Africa’s most prominent and vocal socialites with a following to match. The last time they were ever seen together was at a women empowerment conference in Kenya.  

According to Akothee, she is tired of pretending that they are cool yet they no longer mix at all.

She explained that it should not be breaking news when she decides to unfollow toxic characters like Zari because it is a way of getting fresh air. She is tired of pretending.

She also ranted that as much as she defends some of her friends with her uterus when they are under attack, they do not reciprocate the energy when it is her turn.

Zari and Akothee were so tight for years that last year they even plotted to organise play dates for their children and fly them to South Africa.



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