Bebe Cool breaks presidential directives


By Julius Senyimba

Back in June, President Yoweri Museveni said that he had played his part in containing the spread of COVID-19 and can no longer take the blame if Ugandans start dying due to “carelessness”.

The Head of State added that people have not died in Uganda because initially, his directives were followed to the letter which led to a few people being hospitalised.

However, with some deaths confirmed and public cases, Museveni blames it on the laxity amongst the population, the majority of whom have ignored advice to maintain social distance, wear face masks or even stay at home.

This has been the case in Kampala down town, but slowly, it is getting to the ‘so-called’ corporates. One of Museveni’s advisors, Bebe Cool over the weekend got involved in a selfie without a face mask on and obviously violating the social distancing directive as well.

The crime scene also had other culprits in artists Halima Namakula and Lydia Jazmine with Hanson Baliruno being the photographer.

With these reckless moves, the earlier planned 40,000-bed capacity in places like Namboole stadium might not be enough.


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