Treat us like shops, free us to sing for everyone – Lutalo


By Ahmad Muto

Singer David Lutalo has spoken out on artistes and singing at campaigns for a fee. According to him, music is business just like a shop. Even if you differ with someone politically, if they come to your shop to buy sugar, you will of course sell to them.

Then wonders why if as artistes, they sing for politicians that have paid them, people become very hostile to the point of pelting them with bottles and chasing them off the stage. 

However, he argues that he is not paid to perform for any politician, for him if they agree with his management and he is okayed to perform, he performs regardless of their political ideology or side.

The power the electorates have is not to vote for that person they do not like.

This comes at a time when singer Big Eye tried to go against the NRM even threatening legal action over pay; singer Bebe Cool generating mixed feelings over his collaboration with the NRM; Singer Eddy Kenzo threatening to exile himself if Bobi Wine ever becomes president. 


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