Stop trolling rival media houses – Canary told


By Ahmad Muto 

Budding media personality Canary Mugume either just decides to irritate the online community or does not know what concerns him and what does not.

On Tuesday morning he took to his Twitter page to announce how a rival Serena-based media house had registered a covid-19 case.

He tweeted: “@ntvuganda is the second media house that has registered COVID-19 infection” just three hours after announcing how Vision Group has registered a case.

He must be doing his job as a journalist on his social media platform but not everyone feels that way. They threw his motive into question.

Abed Kivumbi was bitter: “But I do not know why you are always happy when it comes to reporting negativity about a rival. You people please grow up, we need mature journalism.”

Mugwanya Abel: Those guys their competition is childish, others never aired the negative story of their uncut presenter Zahara who was beaten and dumped.

Counsel Alex: I said it and without fear or contradiction I am saying it again we need to mature reporting. Why would one even choose to take the red line kind of approach when it comes to business completion?

Ssuna Hud: Kino kilabika kyebayita okulingiza mu kona nga sigwe driver anyways kanvewano nga tebanansoma ku mawulile.


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