By Julius Senyimba

Celebrities can walk over mountains to see likes on their posts. This sees many get out of their usual skins and do things that not only provoke comments, but also sees likes pour in.

This is what Hip Hop female star Recho Rey did when she posted pictures of her showing off her flat tummy, but the centre of attraction was on the Calvin Klein underwear, a thing that saw her male fans blood flow downwards.

“I am here to say Hi. Sagala kilumya bayaye,” Recho Rey captioned the pictures and the comments section got lit.

Prim Assimwe “Kuba gwe muyaye.” This saw Recho Rey reply her saying. “Silina Kyengamba.

Doro pan chenko “Anakuwasa nga yesimye.”

Godfrey Akankwasa “nakapale kajeeko tebituluma.”

Jireh Keyz “Haha wabalumizza dda, naye nga Recho oli ku manyi.”

Christine Angela tinah “you gal this glow is serious.”

Ssemuganyi Vincent 5 “Your creativity and beautifulness is beyond repair and maintenance. Let me go to the gym for some workouts by the time I get you nga kigwa bugwi.”

In short, all we can say is class recognises class, but about the authenticity of Calvin Klein, now that is a story for another day.


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