Cindy not managed because of values

Cindy has been singled out for special praise by Visiting Nigerian artiste

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Cindy Sanyu is one of the few established local artistes that have refused to buy the idea of being managed. After close to two decades in the game, she has never appreciated giving the manager title to anyone.

For once she has opened up on why it not her thing, but states that there are opportunities she missed because she is not being managed.

According to her, she decided against having a management team because being under someone else’s management means selling your own personal values.

She argued that there are so many opportunities she has lost in life because she decided to do what is right. “I am the only artiste in Uganda who decided to not have management because I knew that management most times involves you selling yourself. I mean selling your personal values as a woman.”

Therefore, she decided that she was not going to have a manager, instead, whenever she needs one, she calls her sister.

However, without management, Cindy is one of the most hardworking, talented and celebrated female artistes.


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